Welcome to MUSIK AM 13! It’s a great pleasure to invite you to our unique concert series for sacred music.

Our creative and bold programming combines established treasures from music history with contemporary, innovative works. The enjoyment in interpretation and experimentation shown by our excellent musicians guarantees first-class concert experiences and exciting musical discoveries. Thanks to our social commitment, the concert series offers easy and free access to moving and meaningful music – even for people without any prior musical knowledge.

Each 13th of the month, and in large-scale special concerts, we offer you unforgettable musical experiences in the impressive acoustic spaces of the late Gothic Stadtkirche and the neo-Gothic Lutherkirche in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. These inspiring acoustics add greatly to the listening experience and the spiritual dimension of the performances.

Over the last two decades, Musik am 13. has established itself as a leading platform and sought-after centre for traditional and new sacred music in southern Germany.

We look forward to seeing you at the next concert of Musik am 13. Join our enquiring and enthusiastic concert audience and celebrate feasts for the ears and the heart with us in the world of sacred music.

Your Jörg-Hannes Hahn

KMD Prof. Jörg-Hannes Hahn Kirchenkreiskantor Künstlerischer Leiter MUSIK AM 13., Bachchor und Cantus Stuttgart
KMD Prof. Jörg-Hannes Hahn

Church District Cantor
Artistic Director MUSIK AM 13..,
Bach Choir and Cantus Stuttgart

Next concert
21 Jul 2024
Beethovensaal - Liederhalle

Joint concert – Genesis and Carmina Burana